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Vision One is a specialist telephone and IVR Survey Research Company. TotalRecall is our easy to use, cost-effective approach to gleaning insightful, customer, employee and stakeholder feedback. It is innovative and flexible. By using the latest web survey and automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology.

What is TotalRecall

TotalRecall allows you to automatically capture people’s responses to survey questions. It’s fast, accurate and versatile and can be delivered via touchscreen, freephone, post-call transfer to survey line, CATI computer-aided telephone interviews, web, email and SMS – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional research methods.

Most commonly used in telephone call centres, TotalRecall is perfect if you’re looking for immediate customer experience feedback – often directly after they’ve spoken with call centre staff. The greatest benefit? The data is immediately available to view – either online or via text message updates.

Our Clients

Some of the benefits of IVR Survyes are:

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Firstly, they are easy to set up surveys. Users can set up, amend and create new versions of their own surveys over the internet with our easy-to-use survey setup tools.

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There are no individual user licenses to purchase, one contract covers everyone who needs to have access.

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Fully flexible Questionnaire Design with Online Survey Management

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Most Importantly, multimedia aspects such as: phone, web, kiosks & SMS.

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Data results are available to view immediately.

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The same survey can be deployed via the telephone, kiosks and on a website. We can also supplement this with traditional research approaches (face-to-face and telephone interviewing) to cover virtually all data-capture possibilities.

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If you have more questions than you have time for in the survey, questions can be randomised or rotated. Dependent questions can also be set up, triggered by responses to previous questions.

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Finally, all management activities, including reporting, can be performed via any internet browser. TotalRecall does not require any special software to be installed on the user’s computer.


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