Why a career in market research?

The honest answer is that I fell into it. I started as an itinerant telephone interviewer but luckily I was in a company that was happy to give opportunities ‘in the ranks’; as I became more involved on project work I decided I wanted to turn what was previously just a job into a career – I enjoyed being given a research problem and engineering the best way to solve it and helping a business to grow and flourish is a very rewarding out come from meeting that challenge.

What is it about your role as a project manager that you like?

Variety. Getting to work across a number of different projects covering a range of subjects, you learn a lot about sectors you may not otherwise have take an interest in: ranging from the complexities of household insurance pricing to trailing DNA weight loss programs.

Which branch of research fascinates you the most?

Consumer behaviour/decision making. Trying to discover the moment a customer hits the point between pragmatic, rational decision making and emotional reaction – how are decisions really arrived at, are we all as rational as we like to think? Probably not.

During your time at Vision One, what has been the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

I recently completed a project for a major national charity that looked at an advertising campaign encouraging gifting legacy’s in Wills. Trying to understand responses to advertising that is not traditionally commercial yet serves the purpose to hopefully persuade people to donate has been very interesting, particularly as it has both a different approach and unique reaction in comparison to traditional advertising research.

Is there anything about working in Market Research that frustrates you?

It can often be a struggle when clients approach research with answers rather than questions. If their preconceived results are not fully met, that can cause some tension – if the research has been done right you should always trust the data and have conviction in your recommendations.

and finally…

Any Hobbies?

I’ve played the trumpet since I was about 7 years old, so over 20 years and music is still a massive part of my life; I play in a brass band and other music groups every week. Playing music is a great way to relax and my lifelong friends are people I met playing in youth orchestras as a kid.

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