What Is Shopping Journey?

A measurement of a consumer’s movement through a particular space using GPS technology.

How does it work?

Using a special software, researchers are able to track the consumer’s movement through a physical space such as a shop, like you are able to do on Google Maps.​ ​This can inform researchers about which areas are receiving the most attention, and which areas are being quickly brushed over, informing you about how best to place your products in order to get the most views.

Can it inform about emotions?

No, this technique only measures the consumer’s physical journey in a space. It can tell us, however, about which things the consumer is happy to approach, and which things they are avoiding, which can inform us about their emotional state to a behavioural extent.

Can it be done online?

Technically yes, as it is possible to create an online mock-up of the environment you want to test, and you could as them to imagine that they were walking through the environment and track the movement of the consumer’s mouse through the space.