What is a supertaster?

A supertaster is a person whose sense of taste is of a higher intensity than average and who experience flavours stronger than others.

What is a supertaster?

supertaster’s sense of taste is of a higher intensity than average and experience flavours stronger than others. This is down to the taste buds that wrap around the human tongue which are covered in a taste receptor that binds to the molecules from your food which informs your brain what you’re eating.

Some people have more taste buds and receptors in comparison to others, meaning they have a better observation of what they’re tasting. They’re particularly sensitive to bitter foods, such as chocolate, beer, coffee, spinach and broccoli.

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Why do we use supertasters?

We use supertasters for the reason they’ve got their name, they’re super! We believe that when possible the use of supertasters inside of product testing gives you the best results. They’re more likely to taste flavours you’re trying to achieve and can provide insights that some people may miss.

Our service helps new and existing brands to develop and test concepts and products using a wide array of consumer and business research. Covering a wide range of sectors like food and drink.

How can I tell I’m a supertaster?

There are a few telltale signs that could signal whether you’re a supertaster, these are;

  • Avoidance of bitter food and drink: You can’t imagine the taste of bitter food and will do anything to cover it up.
  • Tend to drink or smoke less: The overpowering bitterness of beer and also some dry and oak wines are a no-go for supertasters. Smoking leaves behind a bitter taste which deteriorates these people.
  • Excess salt: Salt is one of the condiments that contain bitter flavours, so people can overpower their food with salt to mask the flavours, even adding high amounts of salt to salad dressing to cover the bitterness of leafy greens.

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