About Dom

Starting his journey into marketing, Dom began as a digital marketing apprentice and has continued his journey as a Marketing Executive after passing his apprenticeship. Occasionally you might spot him on the office Costa run with an order he has memorised so much that the staff at Costa even know it!

So what’s been the most interesting project you’ve had the opportunity to work on?

Definitely has to be working on the new website! I loved being involved from the design to the execution of the website, looking back at the old site compared to this really shows how much time and effort we put into making it user friendly and attractive, and i think all the teams hard work paid off massively.

What do you think should be a priority for companies right now?

I feel like Plastic consumption is a huge talking point right now. You have all these documentaries coming out talking about the planet and the wildlife like “One Planet, Seven Worlds” which talks about these issues and gives everyday people the chance to see the effect plastic. Public perception then affects companies in a way that makes them feel like they need to contribute more and do something about it. Small steps like removing plastic straws and offering small discounts at coffee places if you bring your own cup goes a long way.

What frustrates you most about working in market research?

You have to be very flexible with your work as situations can change drastically. There’s always factors that can impact the work you are doing whether it be a new project or a change in another. You must be willing to move about your priorities to get the work to the highest standards.

And what do you see as the biggest threat for the market research sector?

Companies beleiving they’re able to do research themselves without the expertise that a professional research company can offer. Uncovering insights and understanding your customers is key for any business who wants to be successful, but many companies try to take shortcuts which always ends with them missing the key insight which is going to make a real difference..

And finally…

Any Hobbies?

I am currently attempting to go the Gym every day and play football every Sunday. I enjoy a chilled night in, however, watching films or gaming, but I’m partial to a good night out as well.”

“I’m also part of the Liverpool fan base who’s currently staying very quiet regarding the Premier League!

To find out more about Dom visit our meet the team page. Alternatively, you can find out more from him on LinkedIn.

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