About our CEO

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Tony Lewis, Tony is the Managing Director specialising in Brands, Branding and Qualitative research. When not working (a rare break from running a business!) he can be found digging up the garden, spending time with family and friends (accompanied with a glass of vino in one hand and heading up the BBQ with the other)!

So the first question I was keen to understand was how did he end up here at Vision One and what possessed him to turn his hand to market research…

So, Tony what was it about market research that drew you to the industry?

Well, I’d like to think that I fell into research because I knew how to use a computer at a time they were the size of a cupboard. But in all honesty, it was probably much earlier when I used to go along and watch my mum conduct interviews and help organize research studies 10-15 years earlier… Thanks Mum!

With all your experience of working in the research industry and running a business, what do you feel is your greatest professional strength?

I always thought I had an eye for numbers but it all changed when I went for a job interview at Allied Domecq and took two Numerical and Verbal Reasoning tests as part of the interview process. The result for the numerical reasoning test was fine and perhaps what I expected given I studied Maths at A-Level. But then I was asked if had I taken the Verbal Reasoning test before… to which I replied “No”. The Personnel Manager then disappeared for a further 10 minutes and came back and basically said I must have cheated because no one had ever scored what I had achieved! I was delighted at this news as I felt I had really achieved something … only to find out that they wouldn’t offer me the job because they thought I had cheated!. Blimey I always thought it was cheats never prosper!

Over the past 20 years’ worth of projects, what has been the most interesting project you’ve had the opportunity of working on?

The project I’ve most enjoyed is the development of our ground-breaking Brand Tracking tool call BrandVision – which has been rolled out to great success for many of our clients earlier this year. Whilst it has provided amazing new insights about brands, we have now created an extensive database of brands which has helped us understand better than ever before what make brands successful. This learning is now being passed to our clients.

With 2020 quickly approaching, what has been exciting you this year so far?

Last year we achieved our ISO accreditation – this has been a very interesting and illuminating exercise and has surprisingly brought about some remarkable changes within Vision One, which we believe will make a lot of difference to our clients. Our testimonials and client satisfaction scores have improved further than we ever thought possible.

As a brand owner, what do you believe should be the priority for brand owners in 2019?

There are many trends we have highlighted, but I see the key things being..,

  1. Experiences are key
  2. Brand Trust will become even more important in the digital world.
  3. The digital and real worlds will continue to blur (especially for retail)
  4. GenZ comes of age and the Alpha Generation emerges
  5. Digital brands will continue to threaten markets

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