Meet Vision One’s Insight Discovery Team – PART 2

Vision One is a specialist insight discovery and market research agency led be a talented team of directors – Tony Lewis, Jas Gidda, Victoria Wood and Duncan Swan. This video is the second (in a series of two) short introductory videos about Vision One and its exceptionally talented research and insight directors.


Transcript of the Customer Satisfaction Video:

Vision One is a market research agency that redefines the perceptions of research and brings insight to a level that businesses can truly appreciate. We started life almost 20 years ago, and today we are now an award-winning research agency with a strong reputation for delivering insights that matter.

In recent years, the advances in behavioural economics and neuroscience has transformed how we do research. We now know it is no longer as easy or straightforward as to why people do things and buy certain products. Much of our decision-making is subconscious. New tech is based on system 1 thinking, such as implicit reaction time testing and biometrics, which have been created to discover peoples true feelings and motivations.

Vision ones qualitative and observational research services are designed to reveal the detail that is impossible through surveys and big data. Focus groups remain the most popular qualitative method but digital methods and Vision one’s new 360 capture provides a new experience in viewing and sharing insights.

The growth of mobile has brought new opportunities to brands, because it is meant that we can be with consumers virtually anywhere in the world, in any context, such as in the supermarket, travelling or just cooking or watching TV at home amd Capture video and still images which provide new kinds of invaluable insights.

Our specialist in-house computer-assisted telephone unit provides high-quality B2B and customer surveys. We also have a national UK fields force which has been running since 1999 providing street interviews, hall tests and in-home studies to IQCS standards.

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More information on the Vision One team and our international and UK market research agency services can be found here.


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