Vision One has achieved certification to the latest globally recognised ISO 20252:2012 quality standard, establishing ourselves as one of the leaders in the UK market research and insight industry.

This independent assessment was conducted by QMS International, an international certification body, and demonstrates Vision One’s commitment to high-quality research, project management and the development of best working practices.

Following a rigorous assessment by QMS, with future on-going auditing confirmed, we have successfully earned the right to display the coveted ISO 20252:2012 logo to demonstrate its conformance to the standard. Vision One becomes one of around 80(*) companies worldwide to achieve this accreditation.

Tony Lewis, Vision One’s Managing Director said;
“We’re extremely proud to have achieved this ISO 20252 accreditation for Market, Opinion and Social research. As a growing insight specialist, we are not only committed to delivering quality insights and expert consultancy but also dedicated to ensuring a process for continual improvement throughout the organisation”.

“Every process and procedure we have now adopted, whether it is related to the delivery of our products and services or our own internal procedures, has been carefully developed and scrutinised with QMS UK as part of our accreditation. Regular on-going auditing will mean that our future clients will have confidence in us and will no longer have to take our word for it, now that we have been officially recognised as meeting the highest possible standards in research and insight delivery.”

Mr Mike Davies (QMS Auditor) also stated;
“Vision One Research fully comply with the ISO 20252 requirements and fully deserve the accreditation. The certification assessment was passed with no areas of concern, demonstrating the high standards held both by the Directors and staff involved in the business. The hard work has paid off and now Vision One can show just how good they are”.

If you would like to check the validity of our ISO certification or learn more about the principles we follow please get in touch today, we would be delighted to speak with you.

You can find a list of companies of ISO 20252 accredited on Wikipedia – we hope to add Vision One shortly to the list.

ISO accreditation details

Certificate no: 302902018

Date issues:  29th November 2018

Accreditor: QMS International

Accreditation type: 20252/2017 (Market, Opinion and Social Research)

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