Vision One is delighted to be participating in this year’s UK YMS (Youth Marketing Strategy) conference! The event is taking part April 16-17 at The Old Truman Brewery, London. If you are visiting,  don’t be shy and please say hello!  We’d be delighted so share our approaches to strategic insight and research that will give you a competitive advantage and grow.

Who are YMS?

YMS is a global organisation specialising in research, reports and events helping to keep marketing professionals in touch with the fast-paced world of youth marketing. They bring the industry together to keep up with the constantly changing trends habits and attitudes of young consumers.

Working with hundreds of UK and international brands, we understand how important these trends are for businesses and we work closely with these young consumers to help support their goals amongst these trends For example, Brand Vision takes a new approach to measuring brand equity and tracking brands over time. It will help you understand where your brand sits in the mind of the consumer in order to develop and improve your brand strategy.

What you’ll get from attending

In addition to discovering the latest trends, you will also learn about youth perspectives and numerous brand case studies at the worlds leading youth marketing festival. You’ll leave with the insights, tools and contacts you need to win over the most diverse, influential and ambitious generation of young people yet!

If you are interested in the event then you can get your tickets on their website here or please give us a call if you would like to know more about Vision One. We look forward to hearing from you!