What is Eye-Tracking?

Eye-tracking is an essential tool for any Neuromarketer to understand how consumers think, feel and behave. Vision One are experts in eye-tracking, and this article explains all you need to know about the topic and the benefits to your business.

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Eye-tracking is, first and foremost, a measure of visual attention, which can inform us about the essential and primarily allusive processes underlying decision-making (both conscious and unconscious), emotional responses, and, ultimately, behaviour.

Eye-tracking is generally thought of in relation to computers and technology, but interestingly, eye-tracking as a practice pre-dates computers, originating in the 19th Century!

The first method involved a complicated set of mirrors facing the participant’s eyes while they were reading, and the Researcher counted the number of eye movements (known as saccades) and pauses (known as fixations; Javal & Lamare, 1879). This method provided Scientists with the essential building blocks of how people read and process information, a fundamental insight which holds strong today.

Eye-Tracking in Neuromarketing  

Neuromarketing is a research approach incorporating the principal aspects of Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Marketing to deliver insights about the relationship between the human mind and behaviour. It also seeks to determine how consumers make purchasing decisions to tailor products and services to meet the consumer’s needs.

Ultimately, the goal is to measure the unconscious responses of consumers to reveal how they really think and feel. The vast majority of our decisions and behaviour are governed by the unconscious mind – to prevent our conscious awareness from becoming overwhelmed! Consequently, we often perform activities that we know well on autopilot, which for some of us includes shopping!

As a case in point, Vision One’s Advanced Research Unit (ARU) Manager, Hannah Roberts, has shared the importance of examining purchase decisions with neuromarketing methods such as eye-tracking and EEG. Hannah found that in realistic shopping environments, assigning a low economic value to a product occurred very quickly in the brain, within 200 milliseconds, which is far too fast for conscious awareness. This means basic visual features are very important in determining whether your product is assigned a high value, which determines whether it is even viewed.

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What outputs will I receive, and what do they mean?

The eye-tracking experts at Vision One will give you key outputs that will help you to uncover where consumers direct their gaze, the time in which they spend on each area of interest (AOI), what their journey looks like from one place to another, which can highlight which areas of products or marketing materials are overlooked.

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Heat Maps

Different outputs are able to be generated depending on the analysis, such as heat maps, which highlight key areas of a visual stimulus that are focused on, with the greatest intensity of colour (the hottest areas) indicating areas of significant visual interest that are looked at by significantly more people for longer durations. Cold areas receive little attention and may be brushed over by consumers.

Gaze Paths

Gaze paths can also be utilised. This method focuses on the sequencing of which aspects of a visual scene the consumers eyes go to when evaluating visual content, informing you about which aspects are viewed first, second or third, and which aspects are viewed last or not at all.

Area Of Interests

Areas of interests are linked to the amount of time participants spend looking within a specific place on the image or advert. Brands can define this area beforehand, meaning you can target the effectiveness of the key messaging within your advert, and see what else is drawing consumers attention away.

These outputs give you the key insights needed for exploring consumers unconscious and conscious attention towards any form of visual content, telling you how they process a scene, and what is important or striking to them, what they are driven to first, and what isn’t receiving enough attention. It can even tell you about how to construct content which will follow the natural order of how they process a visual scene, ensuring key messages are not missed.

Vision One is one of the top Eye-Tracking Companies, leading the way in eye-tracking for over 20 years, and producing game-changing insights for businesses across the globe. Vision One uses eye-tracking to study human behaviour and intent by understanding consumer behaviours and attention at a deeper subconscious level. By using eye-tracking measurements of attention to follow their gaze, they uncover how consumers truly engage with your brand and marketing, both consciously and subconsciously.

Vision One uses the latest and highest research-graded eye-tracking products, software platforms, solutions and analysis techniques to produce sophisticated insights that can shape the business’s understanding of their consumer decision-making processes and shopping behaviours.

Eye-tracking is an essential tool for any Neuromarketer to understand how consumers think, feel and behave. Before investing in eye-tracking research, the experts at Vision One explain all you need to know about the topic and its benefits to your business.

Our Advanced Research Specialists

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Head Of Qualitative

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Why Should I Invest in Eye-Tracking?


Obtaining objective insights about attention towards your product or brand


Determining where your brand or product is not gaining enough attention to address these and maximise impact.


Revealing the common visual path consumers take to maximise exposure for important information


Discovering which aspects of your product, brand or marketing material are receiving maximum attention, gives you a clear indicator of what is successful!


Gaining additional insights about attention not accessible simply through self-report methods alone, as they occur pre-consciously and therefore pre-verbally.

Time Sensitive

Giving you millisecond-by-millisecond real-time insights into how consumers process your information, with no contamination of memory biases.

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