“Shotton is back with The illusion of Choice”

Following the success of his best-seller ‘The Choice Factor’, this new book carries on where the last left off. The book is full of great examples from traditional academic research and from a practical application – a must for marketers and insight professionals. ”.

5 Star Review

"Essential reading for Decision Makers"

Book Review and Outline of the Book

The Illusion of Choice identifies the 16½ important psychological biases that everyone in business needs to be aware of today (clue: one of the biases is used in the title!). It’s well-written and easy to follow and shows how marketers and brand owners can take advantage of these biases to win more customers, retain loyalty and habits and ultimately sell more.

The book draws on a range of research studies and his own original field studies to create a fascinating and highly practical guide with tips and tricks on winning more business.

“No one should be allowed near a layout pad or a keyboard until they have read this book. It is an antidote to the tediously direct and transactional nature of much of modern marketing.” —Rory Sutherland, author of Alchemy, vice-chairman of Ogilvy

About the Author

Richard began his career in marketing twenty-one years ago before setting up his own company, Astroten.

Richard is the author of The Choice Factory which explains how behavioural science can solve business challenges. The book was voted best sales and marketing book of the year at the Business Book Awards and a #1 bestseller on Amazon. In 2021 Richard was made an honorary lifetime fellow of the IPA and an associate of the Moller Institute, Churchill College, Cambridge University.

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Key Points:

Richards’s book highlights is packed with both important well-known biases but also highlights some of the lesser-known ones too. Perhaps what really sets this apart from many marketing books is the evidence he uses to support his conclusions and suggestions.

Tips and Tricks for Greater Impact

The creative hacks he covers in the book include not just making things easy/quick but also making the user make an effort (Ikea effect) to make it more memorable. Other hacks include being more specific and more concrete.

Chapter 9 – The Need to Experiment is perhaps my favourite and most important. It explores the results of a particular study for Christian Aid. See if you can guess the results!  What might surprise you is that a rational argument might fail! This chapter also highlights the importance of monadic testing in your research – unfortunately, this is more expensive but will provide more accurate conclusions and ensure you take the right actions.

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Why you should read the book!

In short, this book is a well-written and practical guide to behavioural science and will ultimately help you make better decisions.  

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