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Hear what consumers are saying about your market, your brand or your competitors

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What is Social Listening?

Social Listening is the ability to track keywords, phrases and conversations across multiple social media platforms, alongside analysing the results and producing insight to create different actions for the brand to take.

Marketers all agree that Social Listening increases the value of the brand; once a strategy is put in place, you will be producing such valuable data that your business can put to use.

The numbers alone, from engagement on the post to the number of tweets, posts or more, is one thing, social listening, as opposed to social monitoring, which includes the mood of the message. Understanding how people feel about you, your competitors and the topics you are trying to monitor. Rather than counting the times your brand gets mentioned, you can learn from the conversations to drive real business results.

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Why is Social Listening important?

Social Listening allows businesses to appreciate what their consumers are talking about, the way they feel, think and most importantly, what they need from your business. Context is needed to understand what they are saying, when and why. Our knowledge allows us to add specific conversations, phrases, and even emojis to apply the ability to track your social media.

When done correctly, you should be able to craft conversations and tones that echo to the customers. Allowing for the members of your team to confidently make decisions that create conversations and improve engagement and sales.

How to use Social Listening

Reputation Research Vision One

Social Listening is a great way of ensuring the experience your brand provides and the reputation you hold. When a gap is noticeable between the two, the brand suffers, and a reputation can be tarnished, which is why managing and, importantly, tracking your business means that you are able to see when the reputation may have a negative impact, and you are able to reactively fix the mistakes.

Competition Research Vision One
Competitor Analysis

A major benefit is the ability to track and benchmark against your direct competitors and those who are up-and-comers in the market. With the knowledge at your hand, your marketing team are able to look beyond sales and see whether they are failing or falling short, from customer service to the product or service itself; is there any cost savings? Are deliveries not turning up Are they writing to praise or complain?

Benefits Of Social Listening

Target Audience

Understand what your target audience is valuing at any moment by the communication they have put out on a social media platform

Understanding The Market

Without understanding what your target market wants, you are essentially creating a business plan with a blindfold on. It is vital you understand and take an interest in what they are saying


Catch a moment when your market is trending. Think of the moments you have noticed brands interacting with one another, or one person’s message goes viral, and brands jump in at the chance to reply

Understand Influences

Use the knowledge to understand and identify people who will advocate the brand and new influencers to promote the business

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