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Before customers make a purchase or a choice, they often consider a variety of options – both consciously and subconsciously. Historically, it was almost impossible to understand this process, or how well brands add value and meet their customers’ needs.  But not anymore.  Our ability to explore and understand human behaviour and needs has really evolved – revealing fresh and exciting new levels of insight.

Many businesses know the product or service that they want to deliver, but they often struggle to convey it to their consumers – or successfully align it to what people need or want.

Some businesses turn to Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ – a simple and popular tool that helps brands to better understand customer needs. But it’s not enough.  It just doesn’t go deep enough to explain why people make certain choices. Maslow’s model fails to recognise that our decisions are often instantaneous and subconscious – incorporating a complex mix of multiple factors and fuzzy logic.

Overcoming the Challenge

Not only do brand owners struggle to define their brands, but we, as humans, also find it difficult to explain why we choose one product over another accurately.

Why is it so complex? It’s partly because phenomena like Behavioural Economics and System 1 Thinking are at play. These unseen forces mean our relationships with brands are often subconscious, making it harder for us to articulate what we look for in a brand – or why we are prepared to pay a premium.

At Vision One, we like to break new ground and pioneer new approaches that dig deeper – providing a far greater level of understanding and insight.  By embracing a multidisciplinary approach, we can now identify customer needs and values in ways that were never previously thought possible.

Qualitative research is an excellent way to unravel motivations and interests, but it’s a lot easier to identify these needs once you have an understanding of the wide range of factors that can influence decision making and preferences. That’s why we developed a quantitative survey approach to help understand these needs and factors – the key elements that shape a market or category.  But that’s not all.

Our innovative Brand and Customer Needs System measurement tool (a pivotal part of BrandVision and the Brand Wheel), extends Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and takes it to a whole new level. Our system evaluates human needs across 26 functional and emotional benefits to provide a groundbreaking, comprehensive understanding of your category – and the brands that sit within it.

(Note. The Needs System assumes no pre-existing hierarchy because modern thinking consistently disproves the idea of an order of importance).

The 26 Customer Needs Explained

Vision One’s proprietary Customer Needs Research System is used to help generate an in-depth understanding of customers and what is important within a market or product category and often sits alongside BrandVision’s 8 core metrics. The 26 Needs illustrated above are divided into four areas below.

Basic Needs

Firstly, Primary refers to the needs that are common to many products and services. These needs are ‘basic’, in that they relate to health, safety and convenience (reducing both time and effort).

Our Primary needs include seven key needs: Simplifies, Saves time, Reduces Effort, Safety, Wellness, Saves Money and Therapeutic.

Quality Needs

Our Quality measure includes six key needs. Quality refers to more tangible elements of a product or service, such as Effective, Durable, Sensory and Innovative. It also includes more service-related themes such as Informs and Organises.

Quality needs tend to be more prevalent in prestigious and upmarket categories, where reliability and consistency are important.

Expression Needs

An expression is a group of needs that potentially express something about the actual (or perceived) user.

This consists of 7 needs: Fun, Optimism, Fulfilment, Motivation, Belonging, Nostalgia and Reward.

Feelings (Emotional Needs)

Our fourth group of needs are Feelings. This group consists of both personal and social values/needs.

The group’s six needs are Social Appeal, Badge Value, Connectedness and the more intrinsic needs of Variety, Integration and Aesthetics (beauty).

BrandVision explores all 26 customer needs to identify what your target group and customers are really looking for from your brand. But it also explores how well your brand (and competitors) meets these same customer needs. Customer needs research is a powerful BrandVision metric that helps to identify any strategic weakness in your brand offering.

Welcome to BrandVIsion

Metrics to Turbo Charge Your Strategy

BrandVision is our flexible brand evaluation system that can be fully customised to your requirements. From self-serve to fully managed BrandVision offers a deeper insight into your market and customers.

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Brand Love

The Power of Love

The concept of Love in brand relationships has been receiving immense and escalating attention. It is considered by many experts as the essential ingredient for capitalising in today’s new order.

Brand Love underpins the customer-brand relationship.  It’s not an emotional or fluffy metric but rather the holy trinity of brand metrics, combining three powerful metrics:  RelevanceNeed and Trust.

Evaluation of brand tracking data has taught us, time and time again, that Relevance is arguably the most important metric of all – and is highly correlated with customer behaviour.


Brand Momentum

Discover the power of  Brand Momentum.

Momentum refers to the growth potential for your brand and its likely future trajectory. Momentum measures the extent to which your brand is seen to be growing or declining.

Momentum is a complex KPI and is driven by your marketing activity and spend, product availability, brand image and your brand proposition and positioning.

Brand Momentum is a better indicator of growth than virtually any other consumer metric. Its role is vital in any brand tracker as it is a better predictor of customer behaviour than any other brand metric.



Brand Health

8 Secrets to a Healthy Brand

The 8 Essential brand image metrics are:

  1. Brand Identity -Does your Brand identity have Clarity?
  2. Brand Noise – is your brand  Grabbing people’s Attention?
  3.  Newsworthy – Is your brand worth talking about?
  4. Outstanding – Do you offer exceptional Quality or Value?
  5. Variety – Is your brand flexible and have multiple uses or benefits?
  6. Accessible – Is your brand Readily Available and Convenient?
  7. On Trend – Is your brand Topical & Current?
  8. Ethical – Are you seen to be doing the right things? 



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