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At the heart of some of the World's Favourite Brands is Brand Love - It ensures your Customers Care - leading to stronger Relationships and Loyalty

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What is Brand Love?

The concept of the consumer-brand relationship has been receiving immense and escalating attention and is considered essential for capitalising the performance of brands today.

Underpinning the consumer-brand relationship is Brand Love – the passionate and emotional attachment to a particular brand that long withstands any temporary fascination.

The powerful Brand Love metric is all about evaluating the consumer-brand relationship to uncover how consumers think and feel about a brand. We measure love on three powerful facets; Relevance, Need and Trust.

Combined with Emotion, the three attributes drive Desire, Loyalty and Advocacy of a brand to generate and maintain success.

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Why is it important?

Brand Love is not emotional or wooly and vital for both B2B and consumer brands. Unlike customer satisfaction and loyalty, Brand Love is measured among users and non-users, capturing attitudes among everyone who is ‘brand aware’ for a broader picture of brand connectivity.

Research suggests that a strong consumer-brand relationship improves consumers’ willingness to pay premium prices, adopt its innovations more quickly and brand durability. Loyal behaviour and loving affection among consumers are highly credible and influential, strengthening the survival and success of brands.

Brand Love is also found to be a strong predictor of overall Brand Equity. Great examples of brands with high levels of love include Cadbury and Heinz. To what extent does your brand capture the hearts of consumers?

What drives brand Love?

Think about your favourite brand…what drives your warmth and affection towards it? Love for a brand can be driven by a complexity of factors, from a nostalgic attachment, knowing a lot about the company and its authenticity, to the importance of the use occasion (to name a few!) We feel there are three main aspects of Brand Love; Relevance, Need and Trust. These metrics are designed to delve deeper into the consumer relationship, providing vital insight into the bond your brand has with consumers and how this can be optimised.

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Brand Relevance refers to a company’s ability to connect with people’s emotions and become personally applicable to them. A relevant brand satisfies the needs and wants of its target market by listening and connecting to consumers.

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Brand Need. To be a brand that customers need it must offer benefits and features that the customer wants or needs. In truth, needs can be either practical or emotional (or a combination of both), and ideally offers an advantage over the competition too.

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Brand Trust has a significant role in building brand love, without trust we can’t love! Confidence in a brand results from its reliability, expertise and authenticity and is becoming an even more valuable brand asset in uncertain environments.

8 Killer Brand Equity Metrics

Running brand tracking surveys over time will allow you to spot trends over time and allow you to take action quicker. But you’ll need to measure more than brand metrics if you want truly actionable research, so Welcome to BrandVision.

Welcome to BrandVision

Metrics to Turbo Charge your Strategy

BrandVision is our flexible brand evaluation system that can be fully customised to your requirements. From self-serve to fully managed BrandVision offers tracking for brands of all shapes and sizes.

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Brand Awareness

The Battle for the Mind

Many marketers believe Brand Awareness is a single metric – in truth, it’s a lot more complex than that! As experts in brand awareness measurement, we’d like to explain why. 

Behavioural Economics has shown the importance of Availability Bias and that winning customers’ choices means being front of mind. Brand Awareness metrics include; Prompted Brand Awareness, Brand Recognition and Brand Recall. Together we call it Mindshare.



Brand Magnetism

Awareness alone is pointless if your brand doesn’t possess Brand Magnetism.

Part of the Brand Funnel, Magnetism refers to the attraction your brand has with the target market.

There are two aspects to brand Magnetism. Firstly the strength of appeal and interest in the brand. Secondly, it is about the segments and groups interested in the brand. Understanding who and who isn’t interested in your brand is the first step in creating a strong marketing and brand strategy.

Brand Magnetism is the holy grail for many brands as it is often associated with some of the best and most iconic brands in history.



Net Promoter Score

The Recommended Metric

Net Promoter Score or NPS for short, was initially developed in 2003 by Bain & Co to help companies earn customer loyalty and inspire employees,

NPS is an important part of consumer research for many companies as it is a measure used to gauge customer loyalty, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for a company

Further research carried out by Nielsen has supported the metric, confirming that word of mouth is the most influential element of consumers’ purchasing decisions.


Brand Emotion

Creating Strong Relationships

Branding is much more than just a brand name, logo or strap line. Successful branding is far deeper than that.

The best and strongest brands form an emotional relationship with their customers. We call this Emotional Branding and along with Brand Love these forms a pivotal part of our BrandVision approach and our Brand Equity Wheel.

Developed by Robert Plutchik, the Wheel of Emotion helps to explain how emotions work.



Brand Momentum

Discover the power of  Brand Momentum.

Momentum refers to the growth potential for your brand and its likely future trajectory. Momentum measures the extent to which your brand is seen to be growing or declining.

Momentum is a complex KPI and is driven by your marketing activity and spend, product availability, brand image and your brand proposition and positioning.

Brand Momentum is a better indicator of growth than virtually any other consumer metric. Its role is vital in any brand tracker as it is a better predictor of consumer behaviour than any other brand metric.



Brand Health

8 Secrets to a Healthy Brand

The 8 Essential brand image metrics are:

  1. Brand Identity -Does your Brand identity have Clarity?
  2. Brand Noise – is your brand  Grabbing people’s Attention?
  3.  Newsworthy – Is your brand worth talking about?
  4. Outstanding – Do you offer exceptional Quality or Value?
  5. Variety – Is your brand flexible and have multiple uses or benefits?
  6. Accessible – Is your brand Readily Available and Convenient?
  7. On Trend – Is your brand Topical & Current?
  8. Ethical – Are you seen to be doing the right things? 



Brand Fame

What is Brand Fame?

Brand Fame (also known as brand leadership) is one of the key metrics that indicate whether or not your brand has a USP and is seen by consumers as a ‘Leader’, ‘Different’ or ‘Characterless’. 

There are two very important aspects to Brand Fame: Uniqueness &  Leadership, Brands with neither of these attributes tend to struggle, with little to set them apart from their competitors.

A great example of this is people’s desire to own the Apple brand. The high levels of Fame (Distinctiveness and Leadership) correlate highly with Brand Love and Consumer Loyalty – which ultimately has helped drive  Apple’s dominant position in the market.



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