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For a limited time only, Vision One is giving you the chance to conduct a health check on your brand, completely free of charge, and inspired by our innovative brand tracking tool Brandvision. 

A strong brand has the power to attract customers, build trust and loyalty. But how do you know if your brand is healthy and on a positive trajectory?


Measuring brand equity is key for businesses of all shapes and sizes, delivering critical insights which help understand awareness of your brand and the relationship you carve with consumers.

Our brand experts at Vision One are devoted to helping you see the whole picture and optimise your brand and marketing strategy and planning.   

We understand that many businesses don’t have the time, resources or expertise to conduct a brand health check, and some are unclear about the strategic, actionable insights this would provide. As competition increases and consumer preferences change, it has become more important than ever to ensure that your brand is communicating effectively and resonating with your target audience.

That’s why for a limited time only (and subject to terms and availability), we would like to give you the opportunity to assess your brand’s performance amongst a snapshot of the UK population and keep your finger on the pulse.  

Brandvision Brand Wheel Vision One

As part of the free brand health check, we would design a brief questionnaire that evaluates your brand on a number of our core brand metrics, delving into areas such as awareness, interest, trust, quality and more.

Our BrandVision metrics are fundamental to this, exploring your brand’s identity, strengths and weaknesses. To name a few… 

  1. Magnetism: Is the attractiveness of your brand. If you can attain Brand Magnetism, consumers are more likely to be responsive to your brand’s messaging and products.   
  2. Momentum: Momentum refers to the growth potential for your brand and its likely future trajectory. Momentum measures the extent to which your brand is seen to be growing or declining. 
  3. Brand Love:  Brand Love underpins the consumer-brand relationship.  It’s not an emotional or fluffy metric, but rather the holy trinity of brand metrics, combining three powerful metrics

Your Questions Answered

We will provide the following key metrics for the brand + 1 ad hoc question of your choice to help define your target market (additional questions will incur a fee).

  • Prompted Awareness
  • Logo awareness?
  • Magnetism – Does your brand attract
  • Usage – How many customers do you have
  • Brand Love – 3 Key metrics for Bonding with potential customers
  • Momentum – What is your growth potential
  • Brand Fame – Are you differentiated
  • Brand Health – 8 Key metrics

Yes you may add additional brands to your report and analysis for an additional fee. The maximum number brands you can add is seven (7). The cost for each additional brand is £1,000+vat.

Yes additional questions can be added for an additional fee. The cost of any questions will be based on the type of question but typically this will be £250 per question.

You will receive a short report (15 pages) summarising your brand.

  • Slide deck with single brand metrics and outputs with basic interpretation 
  • Compare with our norms using the norms insight bar 
  • If your awareness is larger than 100 you will receive some profile/segment analysis  
  • If you are paying for any benchmark brands these will be added to your report.

Given the nature of B2B requiring specific target audiences or country,  we are unable to offer a free wave of brand tracking. However, to soften the blow we will offer you a 25% discount on your first wave! How’s that sound as an introductory offer?


Introducing BrandVision

Vision One’s pioneering brand tracking and brand equity measurement research system provides an all-in-one solution to all your brand insight requirements

   – All vital KPIs are at your fingertips
   – Improve your brand performance
   – Identify current and predict future trends
   – Monitor your competitors
   – Evaluate your marketing activity

BrandVision is a versatile system that is designed for brand owners to track their brand but also explore a wide range of business issues including; creative testing (advertising, social media & messaging), testing new product ideas (e.g. variants, flavours), design (e.g. logo, packaging),

Our Brand Health tracking is designed to provide clear strategic insights that help improve business decision-making and save money on other research too!

Total Brand Tracking


Watch our short introduction to BrandVision video here:

Maximimising the ROI of your Brand Vision with research

FInger on the Pulse

Use brand tracking to get real-time insights into how your brand perceptions have changed and how your competitors are positioned

Achieve your goals

Use analysis and modelling to simulate the impact of your brand tactics on your KPIs so you know and understand how to maximise and focus your efforts on achieving your goals.


We create custom dashboards and reports so you can easily share insights across your business, making everyone in your team a brand custodian focused on achieving the vision.

Powerful Metrics

Our unique approach to tracking goes beyond just providing KPIs. BrandVision is highly adapatable, with a range of brand metrics built on latest learnings on how brands grow.

Expert Insights

Without expert guidance most research is open to an array of interpretation. But we see it differently, we are highly tuned into the metrics what they mean to brand owers

All in One

Our approach to Brand Tracking puts it at the heart of your business and marketing strategy. Its flexibility means it can provide the majority. if not all the brand isnights you could dream of.

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