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Explore what makes your consumers tick, understand behavioural biases and unlock the secrets to success through Neuromarketing

Human behaviour is complex. The gap between what consumers say they will do and how they actually behave can feel like the critical, mysterious unknown. In most cases, asking people questions is only insightful if they know the answer. But what about all the situations where consumers don’t know why they behave in a certain way? How can we reveal what drives their subconscious behaviour?

This is where neuromarketing research comes in. Take household grocery shopping, for example. Much of our shopping behaviour is intuitive and instinctive. So, we wander around the store on autopilot. Indeed, recent research suggests that 95% of buying decisions are subconscious and emotional.

As specialists in neuromarketing and neuro-insight techniques, we can explore your consumers’ subconscious – revealing a whole new level of insight that adds colour, richness and understanding. Using neuromarketing research techniques, we focus on System 1 and 2 thinking, Attention, Engagement, Emotional Intensity and Long-term memory – it’s innovative, highly revealing and exciting stuff.

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Why Vision One

We are experts in all things Neuro. Don’t just take our word for it, our fantastic feedback is backed up by the long list of awards and accreditations awarded to Vision One.

From our latest win of Best Market Research Company 2021 by The Drum, to the only globally accepted research accreditation ISO 20252:2012, we believe in ensuring brands are in safe hands when starting their research journey with us, guiding them the whole way towards success.

Neuromarketing is about using a multitude of sophisticated scientific tools to analyse neural and psychological signals – the deep, subconscious stuff. Why? Because it helps us to truly understand human behaviour in all its complexities.

It reveals game-changing insight for marketers and brands, helping to demystify the emotional drivers behind preferences, motivations and consumers’ decision-making processes. And the impact can be huge. It can inform your entire business strategy and direction, reveal how your business should move forward with its creative design concepts, the products you’ll develop, your pricing and your whole approach to growth.

As technology evolves, the applications of neuromarketing research continue to widen – delivering deeper layers of insight for brands all over the world. Neuro techniques are becoming a frequent part of brands’ repertoire of research methods.

Insight Into Neuromarketing

As marketers, your dream is always to both understand and bridge the gap between your products and your customers’ subconscious minds. What are they actually thinking? What’s truly driving their behaviour? What are their deep-seated, emotional thought processes and what do they mean for your brand?

Areas that were previously shrouded in mystery can now be brought to light – fascinating, impactful insight that removes the mystery and creates those all-important eureka moments. It’s a whole new level of scientific understanding.

At Vision One, we’ve designed tools that combine both specialist and primary methods of neuromarketing. It’s possibly one of the most thorough, interesting and insightful ways to test and optimise the effectiveness of your advertising, designs, websites, packaging and more.


How we tackle the complex world of Neuromarketing Research

We blend a mixture of psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing with years of experience to predict, measure and influence non-conscious and emotional reactions.

In particular, we specialise in uncovering the hidden triggers of consumer purchasing behaviour and decision-making. Our neuromarketing research methods started over 10 years ago, with eye-tracking, and are founded on both reliable and scientifically tested techniques that have been published in research, psychology and marketing journals.

It gives you more reliable insight into how your consumers feel about your brand, product, service or piece of communication. Our arsenal allows you to test anything from branding, advertising and packaging to shopper behaviour, decision making and behaviour changes.

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Implicit Reaction Time Testing Vision One

iVision – This innovative and highly effective tool accurately records how your consumer ‘sees’ your product or marketing. Which areas attract interest first? Which are engaging enough to encourage them to linger? Are there areas which are glossed over entirely?

Facial Emotion Analysis

FACE – A fantastic tool that analyses and captures facial expressions and emotions, adding a deeper level of insight into your consumer’s true feelings. It’s the perfect way to explore whether or not your product is generating the desired emotional response.

Visual Attention Analysis

VAA – An AI-based predictive eye-tracking analysis system, created with marketers in mind. It measures the visual performance of the execution before its release.

EEG Brain Activity

FOCUS – This allows us to monitor brain activity by interpreting key signals. It’s a brilliant tool for mapping and analysing how the brain responds to different stimuli.

Implicit Reaction Time Testing

IRT – Our System1 neuro insight tool helps to reveal the strength of association towards a test subject. Clever in its approach, it measures the differences in reaction time, providing deeper insight into the unconscious mind.

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