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Qualitative Research

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Specialising in all things qualitative, our highly regarded UK qualitative research team is headed up by Victoria Wood and Tony Lewis. The team offer expert insights along with intelligent and sensitive analysis to deliver effective and powerful research.

We are a passionate and creative strategic research agency whose role is making sense of the way customers see the world and understanding what makes them tick. Using a combination of innovative along with tried and trusted approaches, our research is grounded in Marketing theory, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Our work helps businesses address a wide variety of issues. In particular helping clients to enter new markets, develop new products and services, build their brand and communications successfully. We are highly experienced in a variety of qualitative research techniques across both B2B and Consumer markets.

  • Skilled qualitative moderators and executive interviewers
  • Preparation of well-honed discussion guides
  • Close control throughout (hands-on management from senior personnel)
  • ISO 20252:2012 Quality Standard
  • Guidance and preparation of all necessary stimulus
  • We reach the ‘hard to get’ people: directors, senior management, key decision-makers
  • Day, evening & weekend capacity

Why Qualitative

  • Provides the strategic Insights that will help you fast forward your business and marketing
  • Develops the deepest and richest understanding of your customer and customer segments
  • Goes beyond numbers and explains the why (along with highly memorable and engaging stories)
  • Ideal for idea generation, new product development and optimising marketing communications

UK's Best Market Research Agency 2020

Our Qualitative Gurus

Our team offers an excellent combination of youth and experience and can be trusted to deliver high quality research projects. If you are looking for a qualitative market research agency and would like more information or would like to discuss a particular study you have in mind, please contact Tony for further information using the form below.

+500 Clients include:

Here is a small selection of clients and examples of qualitative research studies we conduct in the UK and Internationally.

TUI Vision One

Happy Customers

Post travel Customer Service IVR Survey to improve customer experiences

Royal British Legion Vision One

In Our Hearts

Helping to develop The Royal British Legions remembrance strategy through monitoring public opinion and behaviours

Dr Beckmann Vision One

Washing Machines Need Love!

Developing and refining a new and successful laundry care product for European markets

Silentnight Vision One

Sleeping Tight

Helping Silentnight become one of the UK’s most trusted brands

Federation Of Small Businesses Vision One

Getting Down To Business

B2B research to understand what SMEs want from business support organisations

Metcalfe's Skinny Vision One

Putting The Pop Into Popcorn

Revealing new insights into UK healthy snacking market and brand perceptions

Qualitative Methods

Qualitative market research is a bit like detective work, so here’s a couple of investigative techniques we use to get close to your customers:

Our traditional and online qualitative data capture approaches which include Focus Groups, Face to face and telephone in-depth interviewing, Homework, Online Bulletin Boards, Video Diaries, Larder audits, Deprivation, Video Vox Pops. We also offer a range of System-1 and Neuromarketing tools and services. This includes Eye-tracking and Emotion tracking (e.g. Facial Expression analysis).

iVision (Eye-Tracking)

Eye-tracking is ideal for communications development and exploring customer experiences.

Understanding how the subconscious mind works is important to all marketers especially when it comes to shopping & communications which often involve greater degrees of subconscious behaviours (e.g. buying trances). Determining if the consumer sees your product or marketing can only be ascertained through eye-tracking.

Online Qualitative

Our advanced online and mobile phone tools allow us to capture rich insights within the UK or around the globe.

Online techniques are extremely varied and allow for exploration of almost all subjects without the need for face to face interaction. From video interviews to diaries and bulletin boards, video Vox Pops etc online qualitative has helped bring together new insights.

Ethnographic Observation

Observation is more behavioural focused research designed to unearth the inner lives and workings of your customer.

The experienced researcher knows there is a strong tendency for respondents to talk about what they want you to hear. Which means some of the more interesting insights (e.g. unspeakables) can get overlooked. Ethnographic methods are a great way of understanding from a brand new perspective.

Focus Groups & Depths

Focus Groups and individual depth interviewing still remain some of the most important tools for understanding the customer.

These tools of the trade are excellent in reaching a broad number of people quickly and allow the examination of multiple viewing points all at once. Great tools for evaluating new products ideas and marketing communications.

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Qualitative research explores and investigates people’s attitudes, behaviour, actions and interactions through interpretation and without the use of statistics.

It explores deeply the social reasoning of why people make certain decisions, what influences decisions and why certain connections can be made between specific issues. Through qualitative methods, we can delve into the thought process of why a consumer may be drawn to buy a specific product or brand. It is ideal for developing hypotheses, creating new ideas for products and finessing communications prior to concept testing or launch.

Qualitative vs Quantitative research

Qualitative and quantitative research methods are the two branches of research that can be easily distinguished.

Qualitative focuses on the exploration of individuals thoughts and opinions through methods such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, video diaries etc. On the other hand, Quantitative focuses on a statistical and numerical approach using survey methods for concept testing, customer segmentation, brand tracking, customer satisfaction. In truth, both research methods provide insightful and valuable outlooks into a market and help a business choose the right steps it should take for business growth. However, more often than not, the best research is a combination of both these methodologies.