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Online qualitative research methods and technologies have been growing rapidly in recent years and often can offer useful benefits over more established methods. Traditional face-to-face focus groups are not always practical, especially in the current environment or in remote areas or with hard to reach audiences.

With the increase in online qualitative methods over recent years, there has been an increase in engagement levels with online qualitative methods compared to traditional qualitative methods.

Our online qualitative and mobile market research technologies are suitable for both in-home and on the go (e.g. whilst shopping, travelling, socialising etc) allowing us to understand customers in new ways not previously possible. Through observation and feedback, we combine the power of a full range of data collection methods to bring you a new generation of insights.

Our online qualitative services include:


Ethnographic Studies

Customer Experience (CX)


Mobile Research

Online Qualitative Clients

TUI Vision One

Happy Customers

Post travel Customer Service IVR Survey to improve customer experiences

Royal British Legion Vision One

In Our Hearts

Helping to develop The Royal British Legions remembrance strategy through monitoring public opinion and behaviours

Dr Beckmann Vision One

Washing Machines Need Love!

Developing and refining a new and successful laundry care product for European markets

Silentnight Vision One

Sleeping Tight

Helping Silentnight become one of the UK’s most trusted brands

Federation Of Small Businesses Vision One

Getting Down To Business

B2B research to understand what SMEs want from business support organisations

Metcalfe's Skinny Vision One

Putting The Pop Into Popcorn

Revealing new insights into UK healthy snacking market and brand perceptions

Meet our Team

Our expert team and project managers will be involved from every step of the project from project set up, recruitment, participant engagement, analysis and delivery of results, as well as being the first point of contact for all questions and queries you may have throughout the duration of the project.

Online Benefits

1. Speed

Compared to traditional focus groups, qualitative online research provides faster feedback. Recruitment is quicker and travel is unnecessary.

3. Multi-Location

Online research allows groups and depths to be undertaken simultaneously in one location or across multi-locations around the world. It means that your target audience is no longer limited by geography or international borders.

2. Mobility

Mobile functionality of most mobile devices means that online qualitative anywhere and at any time. You can get your answers in the field and on the go.

4. Time Efficient

Whilst face-to-face research can be a time-consuming from recruitment to feedback, online qualitative can be a much speedier alternative. 

For Participants

Attending a focus group and sitting in a room full of strangers for 90 minutes may be intimidating for some!

The fear of saying the wrong thing or not sharing the same opinions as others can be intimidating for many participants. Using a qualitative online research agency like Vision One can help you overcome these issues. Online groups and depths allow participants to share their thoughts online within the privacy of their own home.

Context and comfort are also important factors. The remote ability that comes with online qualitative research means that it can be conducted wherever and whenever. All these factors play a huge impact on how respondents feel and this can directly impact on their feedback.

For Clients

Online or face-to-face, focus groups are the most popular techniques, but that doesn’t mean other methods can’t provide you with the same research benefits. Diaries, Video Vox pops, Bulletin Boards, Mobile research are all part of our diverse range of techniques.

At Vision One we know that sometimes questions just aren't enough to address a problem and behavioural and observational insights are also necessary. In face to face situations, our time is often very restricted, whilst online qualitative can be spread over days or even weeks. This allows our expert moderators to develop and test more ideas and hypotheses which is not always possible within a group.

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