An Ad Hoc Market Research Survey is a one-off survey designed to collect data on a certain enquiry and/or point in time. Many qualitative market research companies will use these surveys to address specific needs of their clients on a short term basis. Nowadays, this is typically done through online qualitative research channels. Where longer term tracking is needed, there are other means of consumer research which are better suited.

Ad Hoc research can be necessary when a situation causes an unexpected decline in sales and the company wishes to find out why. Equally, qualitative research can provide insight into why certain products are seeing success. In both cases, the results of the survey allow the company to alter its practices to achieve the best outcome.

Vision One is a consumer research agency that is experienced at examining recent consumer and market data through the use of Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think this is something that your business needs. You can also speak to a member of our team on 0151 945 0150.

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Shopping Journey

A measurement of a consumer’s movement through a particular space using GPS technology. 

System 1 Thinking

System 1, developed by Kahneman (2011), refers to the brain’s processing of information quickly, instinctually and emotionally, and this is usually done unconsciously. The opposite to System 1 is System 2 which is responsible for slow, conscious, logical and deliberative thinking. ​​​​