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International market research is the perfect tool for global brands to reveal game-changing insight into their markets and customers. As one of the world's globally recognised ISO20252 accredited research agencies, we have the expertise and capacity to deliver the highest quality research anywhere in the world.

As the world shrinks, more and more companies are embracing the opportunities that international markets offer. Making the need for high-quality international market research dramatically increase over the past decade.

At Vision One, we work with a multitude of consumer and business-to-business (B2B) companies across various industries, including:

Business services (B2B research)

Food and drink (including; Fresh produce, Packaged goods)

Information Technology (including; Telecommunications, Web design, Software)

Manufacturing and Consumer goods (including; White and Brown goods)

Retail (including; Fashion, Supermarkets, Electricals, Travel)

Travel and Leisure (including; Holiday and Leisure companies, Tourist boards)

Clients Worked With

Our international clientele includes some of the biggest brands around the world, below is a small sample of the brilliant brands we work with on a day to day basis.

Kodak Vision One

Say Cheese

Exploring European attitudes towards the Brand and optimising in-store environment

Lipivir Vision One

Keep Smiling

cold sore Packaging & Concept Test In Hong Kong & China

ge capital Vision One

It’s A Banker

High value B2B vendor financing Customer Satisfaction Research across Europe

De Beers Vision One

A Girls Best Friend

Understanding the high end jewellery purchaser across the globe

Sunraysia Vision One

Tasty Insights

International Research into Food & Drink products across the globe

Culture Trip Vision One

For The Curious

Inspired Brand Tracking for one of the UKs fastest growing travel brands

Our International Capability

Vision One leads the way in International market research. Our extensive global network ensures we have the industry and research expertise to deliver powerful insights and solutions for your business - wherever you are.

Whether you wish to focus on a single country or region or require a multi-country study, you can trust our award-winning team of research experts and our proven track record.  Work with Vision One and you’ll discover an unparalleled level of fresh insight. Improve your competitive position, safeguards your investment and helps your business to thrive.

Looking for a more agile, cost-effective and time-efficient option?  We understand that sometimes you may need a quicker, leaner approach.  That’s why we tailor our methodologies to fit perfectly around your brief, giving you just the right balance of key insight and exceptional value.

Our international team comprises highly experienced research and marketing consultants.  They are experts in their field - with insider knowledge, innovative ideas and energy throughout each stage of your research project.

Our International Research Methods

Our expertise stretches across a comprehensive range of techniques, using different Qualitative and Quantitative approaches to extract the depth of insight your business needs to evolve and grow.  Our research methods include:

Focus Groups and Depth Interviews: Talking directly to your target market, in an informal setting, can reveal deep insight into their true attitudes, emotions and feelings.  It’s the perfect tool for developing ideas, exploring brand perceptions and understanding reactions to concepts. Speaking with native language speakers also ensures no mistranslation when preparing our report findings.

Online Surveys: These allow you to glean valuable insight and information from your existing (or potential) customers - all over the world.  And because online surveys are cost-effective and easy to adapt, you can reach 100 or 100,000+ customers - depending on your needs.

Face-To-Face: Using an ‘on the ground’ qualified fieldwork team, face-to-face research allows in-person research to take place in real-time - either pre-recruited or recruited on the day. It’s the perfect way to capture consumer reactions, experiences and thoughts in-store or at other location-based settings.

Telephone Surveys: For high response rates amongst sample-specific markets or customers, Telephone Surveys allow you to target areas with conventionally low rates of response.

Brand Tracking: This gives you the ability to track how your brand is performing, in different countries, against your competitors.  Using the 9 key performance indicators required to drive your brand’s growth, you can track the success of individual campaigns and identify the areas where your brand outperforms (or underperforms) your competition.

Concept Testing: Got an idea you think will elevate your business? Concept testing allows you to test the idea in target countries before you launch.  Explore reactions to your new product idea, identify any areas of weakness and delve deep to understand initial reactions from potential buyers.  Does it fill a gap in the market?  Does it convey a distinct advantage? Do your potential buyers see value in your idea?  Concept testing gives you the insight you need to adapt and change your idea so that you can proceed with confidence.

Our Reach

Our global reach includes over 100 countries and 30 languages:

20 Countries in Western Europe

10 Countries in Eastern Europe and Russia

28 Countries in North America including the Caribbean

14 Countries in the Pacific area including China

10 Countries in South America

26 Countries in Africa and the Middle East

7 Countries in Asia including India

If we haven't listed your country don't fear! You can simply get in touch with us using the contact us button below to talk about your research needs and we can get back to you regarding the accessibility we have with your target audience.

Client Testimonials

To find out more about our International Market Research please use the contact us form below, or give us a call on 0203 693 3150 and one of our members of staff will be able to help you.