We’re back with yet another video Masterclass, this time by Richard Shotton – author of “The Choice Factory” an exciting expose of behavioural science.


Who is Richard Shotton?

Richard Shotton is the author of The Choice Factory, the best-selling book on how to apply findings from behavioural science to advertising.

Starting his career as a media planner, working on cases such as Coke and Lexus before specialising in applying behavioural science towards business problems. He is also the founder of Astroten, a consultancy that applies behavioural science to marketing.

You can find out more from his website below.

The Masterclass

Richard is just one of the many leading marketing and insight experts from around the world we’ve brought in to share ideas and thoughts inside an hour-long webinar. Below is a short video clip from the masterclass, where Richard provides some great examples of how our behaviours change around others.


These unique masterclasses are available in full to our VIsionary Club members – for further information please contact Adam Lunt.


About The Masterclass

Before you can influence decisions, you need to understand what drives them. Richard has set the book out to help you learn. Looking into typical day-to-day decision making, from trivial food choices to altering decisions such as workplace moves, he investigates how our behaviour is shaped by psychological shortcuts.

Social Proof is an easy target for shifting behaviour due to the concept being so ingrained within our DNA. Make your brand or desired behaviour appear to be the norm, and Social Proof will help it become more popular. This works even when social norms are invoked overtly.

In the above clip, Richard talks about the work of Robert Cialdini and the messaging within the reuse of towels inside of hotels, which is when you make your messaging specifically relevant to the consumer, making them more inclined to be on board with it. A more impressive and slightly less obvious application is the “show, don’t tell” way of thinking. Take the release of the iPod at the time all mp4 players all looked the same – when the iPod was released, it stood out because the earphones were white and stood out from the rest (which were black) they became more noticeable and exaggerated the popularity of the brand.

Our very own Client Success Manager Alex Brown wrote a book review on the book based around the masterclass, calling it “A MUST read“. You can read up on his review below.

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