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Kendra Furey

Client Success Manager

A brief background about Kendra

Kendra Furey joined Vision One Research in 2019 after graduating from the University of Huddersfield with a Bachelors and Master of Research degree in the Arts.

Kendra developed an interest in market research during her Bachelors degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion. Following her graduation, she continued her studies through a Masters by Research degree, examining; Uniqueness, The Self and Luxury Fashion Brand Congruence.

Kendra is our BrandVision Client Success Manager BrandVision is Vision One’s pioneering brand tracking research tool. Unlike other traditional brand tracking metrics, our innovative approach uniquely focuses on the Key Performance Indicators and metrics that drive growth. Kendra's passion for Vision One and BrandVision is clear to see and enjoys working with many of our 'fabulous' brand tracking clients across multiple markets and sectors.

Additionally, Kendra is currently exploring market trends and developing her skills as a futurist. As part of this, Kendra is to follow cultural trends and current news across the sectors in order to explore how this may affect future trends across a range of sectors. Kendra uses a combination of tools to ensure any early indicators of change are identified - essential for any business looking for success now or in the future!


As an insight agency, we know how important people are, so regardless of whether you are a new or long-term client our team are always on hand and happy to help in any way they can.

Kendra is no different and really enjoys helping clients drive change where possible.

She also likes taking a creative approach to research, analysis and strategy and will explore new ideas and techniques to ensure clients receive the best experience!

UK's Best Market Research Agency 2020

Passion for Fashion

Kendra is passionate about marrying her interest in research and psychology with a focus on the fashion and luxury sector, which she explored during her time at University.

Kendra’s research demonstrated that luxury fashion consumers seek self and brand congruence because they view the brands and/or products as extensions of the self. Individuals who view themselves’ as unique, have a greater desire to purchase unique products. This research has shown that consumers desire luxury fashion brand congruence from the viewpoint that both the self and brand and/or product in question is perceived as being unique. The research results demonstrate that there is a clear relationship between generational groups and need for uniqueness and it is statistically shown that there is a relationship between generations Y and Z perceiving themselves as unique versus participants outside of the generational categorisation.

Away From Work

When not at work, Kendra lives an active and sociable life, jogging and practising yoga each day, spending time with her dog and travelling with friends. Kendra also takes a keen interest in Astrology and Women’s Rights which she explores through extensive reading.

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