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Brand Archetype Quiz

Understanding your Brand Personality

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This Brand Archetype / Brand Personality test is the first step towards improving your brand appeal and brand equity. Brand Personality has been shown to be one of the most influential aspects of success for many brands. By simply answering a few simple questions, you will discover how you see your brand archetype and optimise your dominant brand personality.

Understanding your brand personality is an essential step towards building your brand and business and will enable you to attract the customers that truly resonate with your brand.

The Vision One Brand Archetype test has been heavily researched and tested, and is currently one of the best available for FREE. On completion of this short brand archetype quiz, you will receive a summary outlining which Brand Archetype best characterises your brand along with some tips. An additional and more detailed summary about Brand Archetypes is also available if required.

History of Archetypes

The concept behind archetyping can be traced back as far as the philosopher Plato, and his ideas around elemental forms.

These archetypes reconcile with everyone because they help us understand ourselves and the world around us. Archetypes are able to tell a story about yourself, your business, or your brand because it uses universal ideas and values and turns it into a tangible outcome that is associated with your persona. By doing so you are left with a narrative you can easily digest and understand inherently.

Carl Jung, a Swiss Psychologist work was developed on this theory, believing that humans use symbolism as a means to understand their world. This is achieved by Introducing age-old stories to which humans can feel characters are instantly recognizable by us because they're part of our shared collective unconscious.

Jung isn't the only person to delve into this thought process, Mythologist Joseph Campbell began exploring how these archetypes our inherent need for meaning in the world, through mediums of art, literature, pop culture and beyond. These thoughts are how archetypes are widely accepted in today's world. These archetypes now are heavily represented in manners such as film or book characters. Examples of this can be seen with Mary Poppins portraying the caregiver archetype, and Spider-man projecting the hero archetype.

Take the Archtype Test

Take our 5-minute test below. Think about how you see your brand and business.

Archetypes Explained

Are you after a deeper meaning to what your brand archetype is? You can check out each of the 9 below in order to develop a greater and more meaningful understanding of what your archetype means to you.

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