About the Recommended Agencies

Vision One is delighted to be one of the leading research agencies on the UK’s top review site The Drum Recommends (Previously Recommended Agencies Registrar or RAR+). Only companies who score above our threshold become recommended and are included in the register. The results provide a unique insight into the experiences of other clients with particular suppliers.

How it works

RAR+ gathers information from companies across the spectrum of marketing services, with details of key clients, resources and key staff, sector experience, case histories and company finances all captured. Uniquely, the RAR+ also measure a company’s level of customer satisfaction, asking clients to rate their suppliers in two ways:

First, RAR+ ask clients to give a score out of 100 for each service they have bought from the agency. Second, clients are asked to rate their agency  out of a score out of 100 for seven key criteria:

  • Client service
  • Creativity/innovation
  • Effectiveness
  • Strategic thinking
  • Value for money
  • On-Time
  • On Budget

Suppliers must have a minimum of three high ratings per service before being recommended and we also welcome comments on service levels, key individuals and any specific work of note. All input is confidential and comments are never attributed. The ratings for these criteria are combined, and using the formula described below provide an overall score. The individual ratings act as an independent measure of agency performance.

You can visit Vision One’s RAR+ page – here.

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Shopping Journey

A measurement of a consumer’s movement through a particular space using GPS technology. 

System 1 Thinking

System 1, developed by Kahneman (2011), refers to the brain’s processing of information quickly, instinctually and emotionally, and this is usually done unconsciously. The opposite to System 1 is System 2 which is responsible for slow, conscious, logical and deliberative thinking. ​​​​