What is a Video Vox Pop?

You only need to do a quick search to see that people are not sure what a Vox Pop actually is, spelling the brand name wrong is a bigger indicator than anything.

The title comes from Latin meaning “voice of the people”, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s a compilation of small clips taken from video interviews compiled with members of the public. The videos are effective when investigating widely known products, brands or even topics and are incorporated by market research companies. The videos can take shape in the classic on a street intercept interview style, in-home interviews and even mobile diaries.

Marketers across all sectors are turning towards Vox Pops for campaigns because of the authenticity of feedback you get from real people. The end product can then be transformed and placed across an avenue of streams such as adverts, websites and social media. Providing not only potential consumers but your distributors with a positive message from existing users only acts as a good steed for your brand.

What Benefits does Vox Pop have?

One of the main factors in their rise in popularity sits the speed at which consumer feedback can be collected. You can have multiple videos formed of different content and different countries within a short frame of time, providing you with a high-quality display of what your consumers think about your brand, product or service. The purpose, style and set-up of your video interviews can fit into your style with ease.

Want to see the impact and effectiveness of a well constructed Vox Pops? Take a look at a Vox Pop we made for Christmas, and make sure you have your tissues at the ready!

Why use them within research?

Use within research provides the brand researching with a great opportunity for respondent’s feedback from the exact moment, by already having the perfect set up of demographics such as location, the ability to keep costs down with recruitment and production already set up.

Vox Pops work well in Quantitative Research, by providing a new type of content outside of data, still involving real people but with their natural surroundings around them. Providing consistency to the research findings and using the same methodology means findings can be compared at face value.

Questions are asked by experienced interviewers and moderated by expert researchers to ask the questions and probe into their understandings and responses, producing a clear and authentic response.

To enquire about the production of Vox Pops get in touch with us below and we’ll work with you to produce a high-end video that sells your brand correctly.

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