We are proud that we have become a part of Laria (Local Area Research & Intelligence Association) and the Social Services Research Group.

Laria - Local Area Research and Intelligence Association members.

Who is Laria?

Founded in 1974, the Local Area Research & Intelligence Association is a UK-based membership body largely including volunteers working in the public sector. They represent more than 1,000 people and around 100 organisations. In particular, the aim is to improve lives and local areas through the use of research, intelligence and policy. LARIA’s work is possible by the support of partners and sponsors.

We have several members of staff who are members of the association. Our directors Tony Lewis and Alex Brown are also members. Click here for more information on our Social and Public Sector research.

Finally, to find out more about Laria, here is the local government association website with details about research partners https://laria.org.uk/.

Latest News

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Shopping Journey

A measurement of a consumer’s movement through a particular space using GPS technology. 

System 1 Thinking

System 1, developed by Kahneman (2011), refers to the brain’s processing of information quickly, instinctually and emotionally, and this is usually done unconsciously. The opposite to System 1 is System 2 which is responsible for slow, conscious, logical and deliberative thinking. ​​​​