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Focus Groups

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UK Focus Group Companies

Focus Groups, sometimes known as Group Discussions or Research Workshops, remain one of the most powerful research and insight tools available to businesses. Focus Groups have the advantage over other forms of research in that they are flexible and particularly well suited to the creative development process (e.g. developing ideas and exploring issues at a deeper level), as they allow respondents to share ideas and build upon the ideas and experiences of others.

For almost 20 years, our highly regarded UK qualitative research team. Headed up by directors Victoria Wood and Tony lewis, Vision One offer expert moderation along with intelligent and sensitive qualitative analysis and interpretation to deliver effective and powerful research. Qualitative focus groups are best suited to consumer research but are also important for certain Business and B2B research - but often telephone and face to face Depth Interviewing is better suited for business purposes.

We are a passionate and creative qualitative research agency and see our role as making sense of the way consumers see the world and what they really think. Our tried and trusted approaches are grounded in a number of disciplines, including Psychology, Behavioural Economics, NLP and Neuroscience. Our work and client list are extensive and we have covered hundreds of exciting topics, including; Holidays, Insurance, Online Shopping, Mobile Apps, Food and Drink and even Politics.

Clients Worked With

Below are some of the wonderful clients, we've conducted Focus Groups, with some of the incredible brands we continue to grow relationships with.

Co-Op Vision One

Cooperating Together

Collaborating with the UK’s largest Cooperative to develop their brand and proposition

Taylor Wimpey Vision One

Helping Build Better Homes

Creating new and better experiences for London’s homebuyers


No Time To Waste

Creating a new and better way to recycle and collect household waste

Allianz Logo Vision One

Keeping You Going

Developing car warranties for the next generation of drivers

Brioche Pasquier Vision One

Baking For Success

Fresh insights into packaging design and messaging for the world’s largest Brioche brand

Royal British Legion Vision One

In Our Hearts

Helping to develop The Royal British Legions remembrance strategy through monitoring public opinion and behaviours

Focus Group Benefits

Focus groups have many applications. For example, we have used them to capture the perceptions, opinions and beliefs towards a brand or product, explore customer service and experiences, develop and test concepts, evaluate advertising and marketing communications, idea generation and new product development, packaging design or simply to understand markets and who your shoppers really are.

Focus Group market research is often also used as a precursor to a large scale quantitative survey research - to help develop the questionnaire to ensure it is both relevant and focused.

Our Approach

We use both traditional and online focus group approaches, the types of focus groups offered, include:

  • Unmoderated Focus Groups
  • Reconvened Focus Groups
  • Mini-Focus Groups
  • Co-creation & Client Involved Groups

Our Capabilities

As one of the UK’s leading focus group companies, our international qualitative research reach is global. Our UK research spans across all the major cities, including, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh right to the Outer Hebrides! A list of our preferred venues can be found on our review of the best UK Viewing Facilities.

If you would like to know more about our Focus Group services or wishing to participate in Focus Groups then this article might help.

Focus Groups London

Vision One use a range of viewing facilities across the UK. Partnering with over 40 top focus group companies who offer viewing facilities, we cover all the major cities such as Central London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Glasgow to name just a few. (More information can be found here)

If you would like to register for paying or paid focus groups throughout the UK, then sign up to You-Say where you will have the opportunity to participate in our marketing research focus groups and online surveys. You can also find an an up to date list of current focus group projects we are recruiting here.

We are particularly keen for anyone living in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow to take part in our research. Unlike some other focus group companies, each time you participate you will get paid cash.

Let's have a Chat

If you are curious to know more about how we could work together, then please give call us to find out how our focus group research service can transform your business. Please call 0203 693 3150 or use the contact button below.

Vision One has an extensive range of qualitative research techniques, including; focus groups, depth interviewing, co-creation workshops, eye-tracking, ethnography and observation. We use a range of innovative methods and techniques which have been designed to unearth deep and meaningful insights about your customers, brand or organisation. All our qual research is managed and moderated by highly experienced and trained researchers – Victoria Wood and Tony Lewis who manage each and every project from start to finish to ensure the no stone is left unturned.

Group discussions are extensively used by UK focus group companies and are particularly powerful for researching new ideas and developing new and existing products and services. For example developing new ideas, testing new concepts or exploring deeper issues that are not possible through quantitative research alone. Part of their popularity is due to the fact that they can offer time efficiencies and represent better value in comparison with either individual or paid depths.

Market research focus groups tend to be dynamic and work well due to the interaction and spontaneity between the group members. In such an environment, individuals can involve or immerse themself in the conversation or take time out and digest the thoughts and issues being raised – sparking new thoughts and ideas which would not necessarily happen when they are on their own. Individual depth interviews are powerful when seeking to glean more personalised insights or where it is important to remove the influence of other respondents or cover sensitive subject matter that would be difficult to discuss openly in focus groups. We also offer paired depths, triads, mini-groups, workshops, web usability testing sessions and observational techniques.